Free Reverse Phone Lookup Websites (Top 8)

Did it ever happened that an unknown caller called you and you want to know his identity? Or that this unknown caller is bugging you by calling again and again even though you are not picking up? Maybe it’s someone you know! Or is it a prank? Who knows? Whatever may be the reason, you would want to know the identity of the caller. Free reverse phone lookup websites let you do exactly that. They let you know who is the owner of an unknown phone number for free.

Most of the free sites will let you know the name and address of the owner. You can also do a reverse phone lookup for scams or you can simply put the name in the search so that you can find the number that you lost. We have curated top 10 free reverse phone lookup websites for you. All these websites are free to use and some can be upgraded to a premium account.

1. Spydialer

Free reverse phone lookup SpyDialer

Spydialer is one of the best free reverse lookup sites with more than 1 million visitors per month. You have four options by which you can look up information that is by phone number, name, reverse lookup address or email. Note that the information provided by the website is accurate almost all the time. Though the software is free to use, you need to make an account in order to access it. Robert Scott is the founder of this website who is the best selling author and is a reigning expert in the area of investigating phone numbers.

2. Anywho

White Pages People Finder - AnyWho

Anywho is a online directory where it stores information about people(white pages), businesses (yellow pages) and also provide a reverse phone lookup. A marketing solutions brand called YPsm maintains this site. The information available is mainly provided by public records and court records as well as commercial records. It also provides free phone number lookup by name. You can search for any person or business as long as they are documented in the said records.

3. Reveal Name

RevealName Free Phone lookup

Revealname is another lookup tool that is quite popular. It is completely free and is easy to use. The site gets more than a million visitors per month and also let you make calls and send messages online. Basically what this site does is it makes a cell phone directory in its databases and when someone searches for a person, the lookup data is stored in the directory for the efficiency of retracting the records for future use.

4. Zabasearch

ZabaSearch Search Engine to find people and their connection

Zabasearch is a public information search engine. This site searches for people by name and phone number. Its repository is large and contains all the data in the public domain. You can get premium searches for free by logging into the website by using your Facebook account. The site garners more than 1 million visitors per month which is pretty huge. Zabasearch is well known for its accurate results and for its old-fashion look. You should definitely check out this site if you want to use premium services for free.

5. Reverse Phone Lookup


Reverse phone lookup is exactly as its name suggests. The site lets you lookup for names and addresses by entering an owner’s phone number. Till date, the website did more than ten million free searches since 2010 and garners almost a million visitors in a month. You can lookup for cellphone owners as well as landline owners. Although the site doesn’t provide services like reverse email lookup or address lookup, it is well received and is popular.

6. Spytox

People Finder SPYTOX

Spytox is relatively new site as compared to some of the sites in the list, but it has grown dramatically over a year. This website also get close to a million visitors each month. It takes no charge for searching the identity of a caller. The site also shows phone numbers used in scams as well as phone number related to yellow pages. You can say it is a phone directory for free.

7. Zlookup

 Best Reverse Phone Lookup  ZLOOKUP

Zlookup comes seventh in our list because the site does not do well with visitors coming its way. This website garners less than a million visitors per month and is somewhat similar to Spytox. Nonetheless, the website can be used for revealing any fraudulent phone number by accessing white pages. You can also find any business related to the unknown phone number.

8. Numlookup


The only bad thing about this tool is it only works with chrome or opera browser. This site is the newest in the lot and garners no more than half a million visitors in a month. Two tools that this site provide is calling and reverse lookup through a phone number. You can find scammers and block unwanted calls.

So, here are the top 8 free reverse phone lookup websites at your disposal. Tell us which one you liked the most and why by commenting below.

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